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One-of-a-kind and hand-crafted with love & care, Malas In Bloom sets the standard for quality, beauty, and jewelry infused with meaning & intention. Our Malas serve as a daily reminder of the qualities you envision yourself having and the positive changes you wish to manifest in your life.


 Mala Necklaces


How do you choose?

The best way to choose a Mala is to use your intuition. You will be drawn like a magnet to the gemstones that align with what you’re wanting to call into your life. What you seek is seeking you!

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I own malas crafted by several different people, but my three Malas In Bloom Malas are my favorite. Not only are they beautifully handcrafted, but I can really feel the awesome energy they have and often catch myself rubbing them. They arrive in such beautiful packaging along with a hand-written note from Tammy-written like we are old friends. Invest in these malas, they won't let you down.


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These are most beautiful Malas and really help with my meditation practice to help me feel grounded and peaceful! The quality and design are second to none! They make the perfect gift for your self or someone special in your life!


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Everything about her work is captivating! Tammy creates such a beautiful product with love and heart - and you can feel it as soon as you put it on. There are so many small touches that make it unique and like no other!


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Meet The Heart

A self-taught Mala maker, Tammy’s passion for helping people combined with her creative and intuitive gifts offer an entirely new medium of Mala creation, as she channels higher levels of consciousness throughout her design process...