Aries Zodiac Mala

Aries Zodiac Mala



Fearless, passionate and bold Aries energy helps motivate us as we move into a fresh astrological year from March 21st to April 19th. As the rebirth portal, Aries brings creative opportunities and the prospect of new beginnings.

Ruled by the assertive Ram and warrior planet Mars, when Aries sets a goal, she will achieve it. She doesn’t care much what anyone else thinks, because she has the ability to tune into her intuition and her dreams in a heartbeat. Key themes for Aries season include, reflection, a fresh start, a warrior spirit, and forward motion in the direction of your chosen path.

Carnelian :: Vitality + Creativity

As a primary mineral, Carnelian pertains to new beginnings, self-discovery, and learning processes. Aries being the cardinal fire sign, is all about sparking new life, taking initiative, and standing in the power of “I Am,” hence it’s resonance with Carnelian. Both pertain to the root chakra, which gives us a sense of grounding and stability on this earth plane. Metaphysically, Carnelian is the stone of creativity, providing the necessary grounding and organization to feel more in control of your life as the captain of your own ship. It is powerful to those who wish to build their confidence, passion + power. It helps to stimulate courage while tempering aggression. Carnelian promotes the willingness to take risks necessary to move forward with strong action from the heart.

Item Details :: 108-bead mala hand-knotted on gold silk thread with 8mm beads. Accents are gold plated. Hangs approx. 22"

⚘ Malas In Bloom artisan Mala beads are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in San Diego, California, using high-grade, consciously sourced gemstones + materials.

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