Holiday Magic with Malas In Bloom

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Holiday Magic with Malas In Bloom


Saturday | December 8th | 1:00 pm - 5:00 pm

Location: Oceanside, California

The holidays will soon be upon us! I’m a huge fan of the holiday season, but once it arrives, I can’t help but feel the pressure that it brings. While it’s filled with so many of the things I love… tradition, magic, food!… it’s easy to get swept away by the to-do lists and expectations, which I’m guessing is something you can relate to.

This year, I’m looking forward to an intentional holiday season, with less hustle and more meaning. I’m slowing down. I’m taking more time to meditate on the things that are truly important to me, like deeper breaths and being fully present, so that in turn, I can be more present with my family during this special time of year.

Our October Mala Workshop sold out quickly and I debated offering another, due to the ‘busy’ time of year. But I ultimately decided that this might be the most important time of year for us to gather, get creative, refresh our spirits, and finish the year with a sense of peace. Join me for the opportunity to center yourself in the magic this holiday season. You can make a Mala for yourself, or as a gift of gratitude for someone else. I will personally guide you to the stones that will best support you. I’m so excited to meet you, hug you, and hold space for you as you take the beautiful journey into mala making!

all the love,

Tammy Fodrey, Founder of Malas In Bloom

The mala workshop includes:

  • A discussion about the history of mala beads, how they are used + why the number 108 is significant.

  • A full chakra meditation to explore the balance of your subtle body energy + uncover what stones you need to support it.

  • A lesson about the individual gemstones and their healing qualities (over 20 different stones to choose from).

  • A guided lesson in hand-knotting.

  • Plenty of time to design + create your custom mala.

  • A one-on-one blessing as you seal your intention and welcome your mala into the world!

*Investment: $128

Workshop length: 4 hours

*all supplies + materials included. 

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