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    A common way to use the Mala is to track an affirmation/mantra in meditation. The repetitive recitation of a single sound, such as “om,” can calm and focus the mind, and bring you into the present moment. Repeating the mantra or affirmation redirects the mind from daily obsessions and introduces positive thought patterns. Meditating in this way with a Mala has been shown to help slow respiration, encourage peace and foster wholeness + well-being. Aside from meditating with your Mala, it can also serve as a daily reminder for the qualities you envision yourself having and the positive changes you wish to manifest in your life.

    WHY 108?

    The human heart is the source of the infinite, and our connection with the Divine. From the heart, there are 108 main Nadis (channels) that carry Prana (life force energy). These lines of energy intersect at the heart. It is said that after reciting a mantra or affirmation 108 times, you have purified your body, mind and spirit of negative or ‘stuck’ energy, which paves the way to freedom and self-realization, as well as connection to Higher Source. Counting each of the 108 beads on a full Mala while reciting a mantra is done with sincerity, devotion, feeling, and full attention. If your Mala does not have 108 beads, you can still begin a meditation practice with it and eventually work your way up to a full 108 bead Mala.


    The best way to choose a Mala is to use your intuition. You will be drawn like a magnet, energetically, to the Mala that is right for you.

    Is a certain Mala calling to you?  Is there one you love and and keep coming back to? This is your Mala! Sometimes the stones call out to us and we don't even consciously know why. TRUST this process. And keep in mind that we create our Malas in very small batches (sometimes only one or two are available) so snatch it up as soon as possible if you find the right Mala companion!

    What are your intentions, and what do you wish to manifest? Each Mala is made with a unique intention. What you are you seeking? Healing, love, abundance, self-guidance, strength, protection... we basically have it all!

    What crystals are you drawn to? Each Mala is created with a combination of meaningful gemstones. These crystals speak a language of their own. See our “Stones + Symbols” page to learn the sacred language of the gems, and discover which stones will work best for you.