Rosewood Zodiac Mala Wrap


Rosewood Zodiac Mala Wrap


Our NEW Rosewood Mala Wrap is accented with Clear Quartz to magnify your Zodiac sign’s purpose for your soul’s journey!

Clear Quartz :: High Frequency

The most versatile and multidimensional stone, it is the stone of light. It amplifies energy, bringing heightened spiritual awareness + high vibrational frequency to the wearer. It can be used for any metaphysical purpose including healing, chakra opening and enhancement of meditation. 

Rosewood :: Associated with the heart chakra, rosewood is a compassionate and healing feminine energy. It helps to accent the innate qualities of compassion and love within an individual. The feminine grace is enhanced when wearing rosewood, and intuitive health is also given a boost.

Size Chart:

Petite - 6.75”

Standard - 7”

Medium - 7.25”

Large - 7.5”

Our malas are a sacred source of magic for you. Much time is spent researching your gems, designing each piece, and knotting each bead by hand. To take it a step further, your mala is blessed + activated with our vast collection of singing bowls. Please allow 3-7 business days for your item to be processed and then shipped.

* You are unique. So are our gemstones. Due to the very nature of the earth and its beautiful formations, no two stones are exactly alike. You will receive a mala as pictured above, but please keep in mind that your mala will be completely one of a kind because of the stones variations. 

Rosewood Zodiac:
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