North Star Mala Wrap


North Star Mala Wrap


Stars are the perfect combination of magical and mysterious. Shining in the night sky, they enchant us with their presence and remind us that we are a thread in the fabric of a vast Universe.

The North Star, formally known as “Polaris,” has served as a beacon of inspiration and hope for many. Over the years, the North Star has come to be associated with direction and purpose, glowing bright to guide our heart’s true desires.

Tanzanite :: Mind + Heart Connection

Tanzanite is one of the most valuable of all metaphysical crystals for spiritual exploration. It effortlessly integrates the energies of the mind and heart, using the third eye chakra as a bridge. It encourages compassion, calms the mind, and inspires joy. It opens you to insights while calmly anchoring you in the heart's wisdom. Bringing the heart into communion with the mind is essential in achieving wholeness, making it easier to speak the heart's truth with eloquence. Tanzanite generates an energy of happiness and relief from worries, allowing insight into emotions without the need to dwell on them unnecessarily. 

Sodalite :: Courage

Accessing the Third Eye, Sodalite promotes self-discovery in order to tune-in to your motivations, strengths, weaknesses, desires, gifts, and patterns of personal destiny. It brings a kind of stubborn courage into oneself, which can help you stay on your path during hard times. 

Kunzite :: Divine Love

This stone is a conduit from one's heart to the vibration of Divine Love. Meditating with Kunzite can facilitate profound experiences of Universal Love, forgiveness, and compassion. It can activate the silent voice of the heart, and help you to break down walls built around the heart to be more receptive to the experience of unconditional and abundant love.

Size Chart:

Petite - 6.75”

Standard - 7”

Medium - 7.25”

Large - 7.5”

Our malas are a sacred source of magic for you. Much time is spent researching your gems, designing each piece, and knotting each bead by hand. To take it a step further, your mala is blessed + activated with our vast collection of singing bowls. Please allow 3-7 business days for your item to be processed and then shipped.

* You are unique. So are our gemstones. Due to the very nature of the earth and its beautiful formations, no two stones are exactly alike. You will receive a mala as pictured above, but please keep in mind that your mala will be completely one of a kind because of the stones variations. 

North Star:
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