Meditated Mala Bracelet

Meditated Mala Bracelet
Meditated Mala Bracelet

Meditated Mala Bracelet


Meditation helps calm the mind, refocus energy, and promotes positive contemplation. If you are experiencing inner noise and a busy mind, Sandalwood's aromatic scent will help you relax + deepen into your meditation.

Sandalwood - Our Sandalwood is a sacred wood that we source directly from India. It's scent is intoxicating and it's healing properties promote peace, positivity, and clarity. Meditating with sandalwood is believed to relieve depression, anxiety and restlessness. 

OM Symbol - The sound OM is a vibration from which the entire universe emanates. It is the mantra of the Higher Self, or Atma. Om attunes us with our true nature, our inner guru and our connection to the universe + everything in it. 

Size + Fit:

Choose from sizes: 

Men's petite - 7.75"

Men's Standard - 8"

Men's Medium - 8.25"

Men's Large - 8.5"

Custom sizing available upon request. Please email to request a custom size.

* You are unique. So are our gemstones. Due to the very nature of the earth and its beautiful formations, no two stones are exactly alike. You will receive a mala as pictured above, but please keep in mind that your mala will be completely one of a kind because of the stones variations. 

Meditated Men's Mala Bracelet:
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