My name is Tammy Fodrey and I’m so happy that you've found Malas In Bloom, my unique line of gemstone mala jewelry and the way in which I've chosen to tie my life's journey together into one beautiful offering.

I was gifted my first mala: it found me. It was black onyx, and from it hung a small tag that read β€œOnyx is strength-giving. It provides support in difficult or confusing circumstances. It imparts self-confidence and helps you to be at ease in your surroundings.” I immediately felt its power as I wrapped it around my wrist, as I draped its weighty beads around my neck. I fell in love with my mala, and believed it would do exactly what it said it would on the little tag. And it did.


I wanted to learn everything about mala beads, the stones and their healing powers, so I dove in. I discovered that malas are nourished by the roots of ancient traditions and inspire spiritually-oriented people who are guided by intuition, self-healing powers, and the awakening of the heart + spirit. I wanted to create a mala on my own, so I gathered the beads, strung them one by one, and learned to hand-knot. It was calming and meditative - it put me in a trance. 


I chose the name Malas In Bloom because this is the only constant in life :: We continue to bloom every day. Our light shines brighter, our connections grow deeper, our spirits unfold, thrive, and expand. 


I'm a free spirited mama, obsessed with crystals, fresh flower bouquets, essential oils, and bohemian textiles. I'm a Pisces and a dreamer. I'm a lover of diversity, especially in people, and I have a soft spot for my two rescue pups. I believe that we have the freedom to choose our thoughts + intentions, and that we should be proud of our inner-journey. As we collectively manifest our highest intentions through our practices, we bloom, and the entire world is healed through us. This is the first step toward a more peaceful world. And it is most definitely a step closer to a more joyful human experience.

I strive to create original pieces that inspire healing, embody your divinity, and serve as a portable sanctuary for you to carry your intentions boldly out into the world. My beads are the highest quality you will find, carefully chosen one-by-one, and strung with love + care. I trust that you will select a mala to help you harness your deepest + most heartfelt intentions, so that you may experience a connection to the Earth, the Cosmos, and your highest wisdom. If you should ever need help choosing the perfect mala, please don't hesitate to reach me directly at tammy@malasinbloom.com.

Thank you for visiting!

All the love,

Tammy Fodrey

Founder, Sorceress + Queen of Malas In Bloom :)