Tammy Fodrey is the founder of Malas In Bloom, named ‘the guru to follow’ by San Diego’s Modern Luxury magazine in 2019. She is a certified life & spiritual coach, energy healer and teacher. Tammy combines vibrational medicine with meditation and uses her powers of clairsentience and the 7 energy centers of the body, known as the Chakra system, to dream up her collections. She helps people from all paths and walks of life to explore and integrate their spirituality while resolving life challenges and internal conflict.

Tammy began creating Malas as an extension of her personal spiritual practices. Her curiosity and creative drive led to an exploration of an entirely new medium of Mala creation. She has been recognized worldwide for both the quality and beauty of her work and has taught hundreds of participants the sacred art of Mala making through her workshops… many of which have gone on to start their own Mala companies.

Because she carefully selects gemstones and unique materials by hand, Tammy’s work reflects her unparalleled aesthetic and skilled eye.  Her luxury pieces are all hand-crafted and one-of-a-kind, and as unique as the individual who wears them. 

Nearly four years after its inception, Malas In Bloom continues to expand:

“My true desire is to empower you to own the beautiful awakening happening in yourself, on our planet, and in the universe - to help you shift your frequency to the highest and purest vibration through my offerings, healing sessions and one-on-one readings. As a vessel and channel for Divine energy, it is my honour and gift to help you access your deepest knowing and reconnect you to your souls awareness.”

- Tammy Fodrey, Malas In Bloom