Venus Bracelet

Venus Bracelet
Venus Bracelet

Venus Bracelet

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A gracious muse and Queen of matters of the heart, you value beauty, romance, and sensuality. You are a lover and a dreamer. You approach life with a sense of charm, and attract harmonious relationships into your life. 

Venus symbolizes the feminine principle of the Universe - a patron of all women. In ancient Rome, brides made offerings to Venus in preparation for their nuptials. 

The Venus Mala Bracelet is accented with romantic Rose Gold. 

Choose From:

Mother of Pearl :: Nurturing + Calm

Awakens the primordial memory of your origin in the infinite ocean of love. As your memory opens, the pureness of love flows into you. It is a calming, soothing, protective stone, helping one to feel fully nurtured in and by love.

Morganite :: Divine Love Energy

The stone of Divine love, Morganite brings loving thoughts  + actions to the wearer and releases karmic emotional pain. It stabilizes the subtle body and dissolves emotional blockage, allowing love energy to flow. Morganite varies in color from light peach to pink.

Black Onyx :: Inner Strength + Self-Mastery

Onyx helps you to control, focus and direct your will to bring about a considerable increase in your personal power. It will allow you to take on a challenge with persistence, while calming anxiety and soothing any fear or doubt.

You are unique. So are our gemstones. Due to the very nature of the earth and its beautiful formations, no two stones are exactly alike. You will receive a mala as pictured above, but please keep in mind that your mala will be completely one of a kind because of the stones variations. 

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