Awaken Mala Bracelet

Awaken Mala Bracelet



The Awaken Mala Bracelet  will empower you to own the beautiful awakening that is taking place in yourself, on our planet, and in the universe. 

Howlite :: Confidence + Awareness

The stone of calm + tranquility and awareness. Howlite is used to calm an overactive mind, reduce stress, and induce peaceful sleep. It can help you to develop patience + tolerance as well as a positive outlook on life. It prepares the wearer to receive wisdom and attune to the higher-self.

Item details: The Awaken Mala Bracelet is made with 6mm beads and has rose gold plated accents.

⚘ Malas In Bloom artisan Mala beads are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in San Diego, California, using high-grade, consciously sourced gemstones + materials.

Awaken Mala Bracelet:
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