Caring for your mala

Your mala beads have the power to heal you, protect you, and guide you. They are a constant reminder of your truth + intention. No doubt, they hold great significance in your daily life and your meaningful rituals. We recommend that you care for your mala in the following ways:

Cleansing Your Mala

Mala beads absorb energy and should be cleansed regularly in order to function at their highest frequency. The most effective way to give them a deep energy cleaning involves water + the Full Moon.

Think about how clear and cleansed you feel after an intense hot yoga session and a salt scrub. Same idea! Our crystals need love to. 


To cleanse, activate and recharge your mala::

Place your mala beads under warm running water. Soak the beads and use a delicate brush if you'd like. Leave the beads to fully dry.

After cleaning and drying, you can polish your mala with essential oils. Oiling will strengthen the beads and give them a beautiful shine.

Leave your mala overnight in direct moonlight, at the peak of the Full Moon. Let them bathe during sunrise, too, then bring them inside.

After cleansing: Charge your mala beads with your intention by closing your eyes and imagining all unwanted energy being released, and being fully recharged with positive energy from the Universe!

Close this ritual with a thank-you to Mother Earth, Mama Moon and Father Sun for all the ways they support your journey. Acknowledge the elements, the lessons and the blessings. 

Your mala is a sacred tool infused with healing vibrations, and reminds you to say focused on what matters most to your heart + spirit. It is not necessary to do this every Full Moon, but you can, depending on how much negative energy has been cycling through it.

Our mantra is: Love your mala and it will love you back!