What is a Mala?

Written by: Tammy Fodrey, Founder of Malas In Bloom

Mala : meaning "garland," a strand of carefully hand-knotted prayer beads. Each bead represents a truth, and meditating on them with an intention or mantra is used to bring grounding, peace of mind, and a calm, open heart. You can wear your mala as a necklace or bracelet to remind you of your personal + spiritual intentions. 

These days, my friends may notice that my wrists and neck are covered with multiple strands of mala beads that I've been making. However, my first mala was gifted to me by a friend. I connected to my mala from the moment I first held it. I felt its power, and I knew that power would guide me to better places in my life.

The energy and vibration I feel when using a mala for meditation is transformational. The mala holds me in a safe space and stores my best energy.

Here are three ways a mala can help you in your daily practice:

1. It serves as a reminder.

A mala is something I can wear that reminds me to take time for reflection. It serves as a spiritual touchstone in even the most difficult experiences. The mala reminds me that I am a spiritual person, first and foremost. My life is my practice โ€” whether I'm sitting in silent meditation or tending to basic daily tasks. 

2. It gives you focus.

A mala, like yoga, helps your mind to concentrate and focus without requiring the physical movement of asana. Using a mantra as you touch each of the 108 beads is a way to count breaths and recite affirmations. This allows your mind to form new patterns that take you away from unproductive thoughts. 

3. It helps hold a sacred space.

With life and its challenges, it's not always possible or practical to have an undisturbed, silent meditation every day. With my mala however, I have a transportable, sacred space. Some days, just being able to see my mala, touch it, and wear it around my wrist or neck is enough to restore my spirit. 

I've found that my mala always holds space for me. It holds my best intentions and reminds me of what is possible. It stands as a constant reminder of the good in me, the spirit that dwells in me, and the thoughts I choose to guide me on my path.