Goddess Mala :: KALI

Goddess Mala :: KALI



Kali :: The Goddess of Darkness, Death + Destruction

The most misunderstood of of the goddesses, Kali is the darkness most of us fear. She is the fierce, fast track to problem solution and spiritual advancement. When called, Kali responds with a direct power that cuts right through cherished parts of our ego and attachments. Although she is effective, but far from gentle, Kali is a repository of great compassion. It is said that only time itself is more ravenous and devouring as Kali. She is the black void she to whom all the energy of the Universe returns… so that another cycle of death and rebirth can emerge.

So why would anyone want to invoke the potent energy of Kali? Because Kali is the wild, empowered, all-loving energy that dissolves the ego, so that you experience a rebirth and continue to grow and transform into the highest version of you that is possible. Wear or meditate with your Kali Goddess Mala to support endings and beginnings. Let her destroy your self-limiting beliefs and attachments that prevent you from reaching your full potential.

Lava :: Fire

Lava rock is the physical embodiment of fire. It starts as molten lava and forms into rock. The energy of fire is swift, direct, powerful and impassioned. Lava can be used to develop stronger ties to earth.  

Onyx :: Inner Strength

Onyx is a grounding stone that emanates the energy of self-mastery, helping you to control, focus and direct your will, bringing about a considerable increase in your personal power. It will allow you to take on a challenge with persistence, while calming anxiety and soothing any fear or doubt. 

Pyrite :: Power + Motivation

Pyrite is a stone of enthusiasm, power and abundance. It's high frequency stimulates the solar plexus chakra, encouraging one to overcome fears and take action. It increases self-will and can be used to bring you out of your shell, share your gifts with the world, and use your talents to manifest abundance in your life.

Hawk’s Eye :: Power + Intuition

Considered the most authoritative of the eye stones, Hawk’s Eye provides the wearer with deeper insights and awareness so one may see beyond the obvious. It is a marvelous aid for increasing the sensory gifts and enkindles a link with cosmic forces that provide inspirational guidance for one’s life. It is a powerful stone for healing Earth energies and for increasing self-understanding. It is grounding during chaotic situations and brings issues into perspective, especially when placed on the Third Eye.

Moonstone (Rainbow) :: Cleansing

Moonstone intensifies the feminine goddess energy and is the stone of beginnings/new cycles. It is particularly good for women and supports a woman's moon cycle. It can be used to balance yin + yang (masculine + feminine) energy as well as balance emotions. It may heighten intuition and psychic abilities and causes vivid dreaming. 

Clear Quartz :: Master Healer

The most versatile and multidimensional stone, it is the stone of light. It amplifies energy, bringing heightened spiritual awareness + high vibrational frequency to the wearer. It can be used for any metaphysical purpose including healing, chakra opening and enhancement of meditation. 

Item Details :: 108-bead mala hand-knotted on silver silk thread with 8mm beads. Accents are gold plated. Hangs approx. 22"

⚘ Malas In Bloom artisan Mala beads are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted in San Diego, California, using high-grade, consciously sourced gemstones + materials.

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